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1st Authentic Pizzeria in Barisal

"গরম গরম পিজা খাই ...
                  চলো গরম পিজা যাই"



We make Oven Baked Original Pizza in 3 styles - Cheesy, Saucy & Deshi

Our introductory menu will include only the following toppings:

  • Halal mozzarella imported from Australia
  • Imported canned button mushroom, black olives & tomato sauce
  • Locally procured fresh chicken and beef
We will be increasing our menu by adding fresh local ingredients as reliable supply is made available.


We will bake your pizza (to order) in an open kitchen. Our oven temperature can reach upto 400 deg C and cook the pizza in 5-7 minutes.


We are the 1st and only dedicated pizzeria in Barisal.

You can find us at Major M A Jalil road (previous nobogram road) just beside Karim Kutir Masjid.

Conveniently located for those travelling to Kuakata with a small detour from the highway.

Website: gorompizza.com
Email: gorompizza@gmail.com
Twitter: @gorompizza
FB: /gorompizzabarisal
Phone: 01708564999


Open hours: 11am to 10pm


We are local boys who have traveled the world and are now back home.

If you can cook, we are hiring.


In our quest to have access to safe food when away from home cooking, pizza came top of mind as it is cooked whole at high temperature and served hot.

Pizza is eaten by hand and shared among people, which goes well with our culture. It is a global food but we will localize it.

Bottom line is that pizza is simple, fast & easy.


Pizza -
a dish of Italian origin, consisting of a flat round base of dough baked with a topping of tomatoes and cheese, typically with added meat, fish, or vegetables

Dry mozzarella -
imported refrigerated mozzarella cheese that does not stretch as well as fresh mozzarella

Wet mozzarella -
fresh made mozzarella that stretches well but needs to be consumed within 3-4 days. Has to be locally made

Cheesy -
heavy on the cheese and topping. Similar to American style pizza

Saucy -
heavy on the sauce, lite on cheese and topping. Similar to original Italian style pizza

Deshi -
mixed sauce no cheese. Widely available in Barisal but we will make it fresh